Customize Your Plush

Hello Plushshop Family! 🌈 We're excited to announce that we're opening our workshop to your creative suggestions. Ever wished for a plush of your favorite character, hero, or even a unique creation of your own imagination will find a way to make it come true.

1 🌟 Calling All Plush Enthusiasts! Your Wishlist, Our Creation! 🧸✨

🎨 Express Your Desires:

Whether it's a beloved anime character, a charming movie personality, or an original design you've been dreaming of, let us know! Your wish is our command.

💬 How to Request Your Dream Plush:

  • Leave a Comment: Drop a comment at our social media platform such as Tiktok, Ins, Youtube with the character or design you'd love to see as a plush.
  • Share Your Vision: Feel free to describe specific features or details you'd like to be captured in your dream plush.

🚀 What Happens Next:

  • Our team will review all your requests.
  • The most popular or unique suggestions might just become our next plush creation!
  • Keep an eye on our updates to see if your dream plush is coming to life.

🎁 Special Gift for Contributors:

As a thank you for your fantastic suggestions, we will choose one of followers who give the suggestions to be a lucky dog, you'll be the first to receive the plush for FREE! 🎉

2 🌟Create Your Own Customized Plush - Your Favorite Character, Your Way! 🧸✨

If you want your dreaming character to be a plush faster, it is avaiable for you to order the customized plush for your favorite characters with price of 300$ with gift box packing, PLUSHSHOP will responsible to design and make the sample for you. You will be the first one to get the sample and if you’re customized plush selling more than 100pcs within 14 days, you can get 300$ coupon back in your Plushshop account.

Service Highlights:

  • Customized plush of your favorite character.
  • Gift box packing for an extra special touch.
  • PLUSHSHOP designs and makes the sample for you.

Exclusive Bonus:

  • Be the first to receive and approve the sample.
  • If your customized plush sells more than 100pcs, enjoy a $300 coupon back in your Plushshop account!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Price includes gift box packing.
  • Exclusive sample designed and made by PLUSHSHOP.
  • $300 coupon back in your Plushshop account if you sell more than 100pcs.

Ready to bring your favorite characters to life? Order now and let the plush magic begin! 🚀🎁


3  🎨 Calling All Designers and Artists! Your Creativity, Our Craftsmanship! 🧸✨

Are you a designer or artist bursting with creative ideas? PLUSHSHOP invites you to bring your designs to life in plush form! Here's your chance to collaborate with us and see your creation transformed into a huggable masterpiece.

How It Works:

  • Submit your original design to PLUSHSHOP for consideration.
  • Our team will review and choose designs that align with our vision.
  • If your design is selected, we'll bring it to life as a plush – and you'll be the first to get it for FREE!

Terms and Conditions:

  • PLUSHSHOP retains the right to choose designs based on alignment with our brand.
  • Selected designers will be notified via email.
  • Free plush reward for the designer if their submission is chosen. You will be the First person to get ur own design plush.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Design should be original and not infringe on any existing intellectual property.
  • Submit your design to or Discord.
  • Multiple submissions welcome!

Exclusive Bonus:

  • Be the first to receive and approve the sample.
  • If your customized plush sells more than 100pcs within 7 days, enjoy a $200 coupon in your Plushshop account; selling more than 200pcs within 14 days, enjoy a $300 coupon in your Plushshop account;

Welcome to join our designer group at discord ( only for designers/aritist) :


4 🌈 Unleash Your Creativity: Turn Your Own Design into a Plush Masterpiece! 🧸✨

If you wanna make some creative plush with your own drawing with NO IP or not belong to any of game/anime etc, the price of customized will be 500$ without selling to others, specially only for you.

Bring your unique drawing to life with our Custom Plush Creation Service! For $500 (only accept 2 orders per month), you'll get a one-of-a-kind plush crafted exclusively for you, based on your original design.


Service Highlights:

  • Customized plush of your own art with high quality.
  • Gift box packing for an extra special touch.
  • The procedure is much more complicated as our team need to commuciate clearly about what you want to make and finish the design accordingly, the normal procedure to finish a sample will be within 2 months, you can also Pay additional 200$ to finish the design and sample faster within 3 weeks.
  • Pay additional 100$ to put your name as designer name embordinary at your own design plush together with Plushshop logo
  • Limited selling for only 2 orders per month ( as it need to put more effort on design and making sample)

Exclusive Bonus:

  • Be the ONLY ONE to receive and approve the sample.

You are welcome to email us at if you do need any more details.