Our Story

  • Creating original and innovative soft toys since 2021, Plushshop continues to combine luxurious fabrics with unique designs that are sometimes quirky, cute but always with high details embroidery make our plushies stand out from the crowd! Plushshop is more concentrated with anime plushies design to make the favorite characters to be a real plush to accompany with you.

  • Plushshop is still a new brand for only 3 years old, but we have designed more than hundreds styles plushies and continue to work with designer for more. Plushshop also work with artist to do the customized plush, one of our mission to make your art to be a real plush.

  • We are continuously experimenting with designs, trying to find the most lovable combination of soft materials and high details embroidery in two collections each year. Seek out our unique design plushies wherever you go!

  • Cute plushies make life happiness and Plushshop is here always to make the cute plushies for you.