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「Limited Sale」45cm Clorinde Meow Genshin

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Plushshop continues to combine luxurious fabrics with unique designs that are sometimes quirky, cute but always with high details embroidery make our plushies stand out from the crowd! Plushshop is more concentrated with anime plushies design to make the favorite characters to be a real plush to accompany with you.
Product Name: 45cm Clorinde Meow
Gift packaging can only accommodate one 45cm Meow Meow and will be shipped separately from the order.

In order to bring the most thrilling adventures to your child, we proudly present our Clorinde Meow Meow plush toy from Genshin Impact. This adorable and meticulously crafted toy is designed based on the most beloved protagonist in "Genshin Impact" –Clorinde Meow, making it the perfect choice for any young pirate enthusiast.

Material: Faux Rabbit Fur


High-Quality Materials: We have carefully chosen soft and safe materials to ensure that the toy is both gentle and harmless for children.
Lifelike Design: The meticulously designed facial expressions, clothing, and accessories make this toy seem as if it has leaped straight out of the world of Genshin Impact.
Perfect Size: The toy is sized just right, making it convenient for children to carry and hug, serving as the ideal companion for everyday play.

Why Choose Our Clorinde meow Plush Toy?

Unique Gift: Whether as a birthday present, a holiday gift, or a surprise for special occasions, this toy will bring immense joy to your child.

Purchase Information:

After-Sales Service: If you encounter any issues after receiving the product, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We are committed to resolving any concerns you may have.

Bring the excitement of the Genshin Impact to your child's life by purchasing our Clorinde plush toy now! Watch as their childhood is filled with laughter and wonder.
    「Limited Sale」45Cm Clorinde Meow Genshin 玩偶
    「Debut Sale」45Cm Clorinde Meow Genshin 玩偶
    「Debut Sale」45Cm Clorinde Meow Genshin 玩偶
    「Debut Sale」45Cm Clorinde Meow Genshin 玩偶
    「Debut Sale」45Cm Clorinde Meow Genshin 玩偶
    「Debut Sale」45Cm Clorinde Meow Genshin 玩偶
    「Debut Sale」45Cm Clorinde Meow Genshin 玩偶
    「Debut Sale」45Cm Clorinde Meow Genshin 玩偶
    「Debut Sale」45Cm Clorinde Meow Genshin 45Cm With Gift Packaging 玩偶

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Daria Hesson
    The plush was unstuffed

    So, I have received my clorinde a few weeks ago, and all I can say is that, compared to my other plushie, she looks like a pancake; the stuffing is not sufficient and she is overall flat. Other than that, the material is really nice and fluffy. I give he 3 stars because the stuffing is a major problem, please put more in the future!


    I got this for my sister birthday, this is her favorite character and I love the design. She is so cute and cuddly


    absolutely amazing!! preordered instantly and recieved just before clorinde’s in-game release. the hat is beautiful made (better than the one they sent me in my clorinde cosplay!) she’s super soft and fluffy 10/10 would recommend!!💕

    so soft

    I recently received my Clorinde meow and she's absolutely perfect. She's so soft and fluffy, I didn't expect this. I definitely recommend buying her


    I got my chlorine after waiting roughing 2 months since pre order and she was worth that wait I LOVE HER!

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